Pennsylvania Association for Healthcare Volunteer Resource Professionals


Pennsylvania Association of Healthcare Volunteer Resource Professionals


PAHVRP is  comprised of directors, managers, and coordinators who oversee volunteers in Pennsylvania health care settings such as hospitals, hospices, and long-term care facilities with nursing staff. There are three regions-Eastern, Central, and Western (see map). Members can attend meetings in any locale throughout the year.



Congratulations   Lisa Romish!

Lisa, PAHVRP member, was an Impact Award Winner at the 2022 conference

Celebrating Emerging Leadership Award

Join your colleagues who engage fellow employees or community members to impact our communities. TulsALIVE is regional host for this 8th Annual Volunteer Management Hybrid Conference (VMHC) live-streamed globally. We will all be distance learning with international guests, interacting with colleagues across the U.S.A., and having great local discussions.

Veronica Deally – Why Volunteers Deserve Their Own Annual Report

Adam Shilling – What’s In It For Them?” Persuading Leaders and Decisions Makers

Maura Fitzpatrick – Positioning Yourself as the Expert and Communicating with Impact and Confidence

Tony Goodrow – The Relative Impact Model for Measuring the ROI of Volunteer Engagement


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