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21 photo(s) Updated on: 17 May 2018
  • Congratulations to Christi Brown
  • Magic Mike's rubberband trick
  • Beth and Beth
  • Magic Mike..... letting out some of his magic tricks of out the bag.
  • Magic Mike... more secrets
  • Thank you Susan for the bling!
  • Hmmm so many beads to choose from!
  • We are ready! Let's get this conference started!
  • We love our job in registration!
  • Hello, we are here!
  • Isn't this an awesome conference?
  • Almost time for the next session.
  • Welcome and thank you!
  • Dr Stephen Post-Avoiding Burnout
  • Power of Play........Let's play with bubbles
  • The Heart of Communications with Jennifer Holcomb.
  • Karla Bachl presenting thanks and appreciation to our past president, Kim Giovannelli
  • Back in session
  • Art and Bar session. Lets do this!
  • Art and Bar instructions.
  • Hey these aren't too bad.

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