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The History of  PAHVRP

We are excited to be sharing our rich culture and history of our state. Please explore and use this website for creative volunteer services.

Pennsylvania, and Philadelphia in particular, can boast that it is the birthplace of our nation, and hospital volunteer management.  Evelyn Burston, who coined the term “candystriper” hailed from Philadelphia as well as Nancy McBain, the volunteer director from Abington Memorial Hospital, were invited to sit on the American Hospital Association advisory panel in 1968 which developed American Society for Directors of Volunteer Services (ASDVS).  Since its inception, many Pennsylvania Volunteer Directors assumed leadership and committee roles in ASDVS.  Prior to the development of ASDVS, Pennsylvania joined with volunteer directors in New Jersey and New York to hold annual workshops to address issues specific to volunteer management in hospitals and give directors an opportunity to network.  At the local level, the chapters provided an invaluable resource for networking and the development of its members.

In 1982 the Pennsylvania Society for Directors of Volunteer Services in Healthcare (PSDVS) developed the “Evelyn Burston award” to recognize outstanding achievement in volunteer management and for those who have continued to shape the direction of our profession through mentoring, education and managing outstanding volunteer programs in the healthcare setting.  This prestigious award has been presented annually during the annual  conference.

PSDVS operated as an affiliate of the Hospital Association of Pennsylvania until 2001 and became a self-sustaining non-profit organization.  During that time, PSDVS, led by Betty Anton and the board of directors, restructured, developed by-laws and became incorporated as a 501(c)(3)! This change allowed board members to become more involved with the organization while taking on leadership positions, placing additional funding into valuable chapter and state educational sessions and conferences while focusing more on Volunteer Management and related topics.

In 2015 there was a decision to change PSDVS structure  to be more aligned with our National organization, AHVRP; Association for Healthcare Volunteer Resource Professionals . The committee worked on the restructure, and developed new by-laws.   2016 brought on a year of change with the approval.  Along with this came the name change PAHVRP "Pennsylvania Association for Healthcare Volunteer Resource Professionals". 

PAHVRP  is a vibrant organization that is a great resource for education and support of volunteer leaders in healthcare!

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